Wellness & Lifestyle Coaching

Barbara Allen-Walker
Wellness coaching combines holistic nutrition and health coaching empowering you to make lasting changes to support your vibrant happiness and quality of life. Live the life of your dreams! Move from who you are now to who you want to be – from your core. Lifestyle coaching is a powerful relationship specifically designed to support you, connect you and live your unique essence and passion in every area of your life. Your coach will partner with you, honoring the natural wisdom of your mind and body, as you shed stale habits, envision and design your dream life, and take action to make it real. Your coach will embrace the vision of you at your very best, and remind you, when you forget, that you can live from this place of wisdom and potency every minute. Embark on this journey of personal exploration, intimacy and adventure and transform your life today.

The Benefits:
Are you ready to lead an energized and passionate life? Health is more than the absence of disease and you are more than your symptoms, therefore, healing and optimal health require a whole-person approach. Reach your best health and well-being with wellness & lifestyle coaching to:

• Become fit and strong
• Strive towards your ideal weight
• Develop healthy eating habits
• Feel more energized
• Achieve a calming balance to reduce stress
• Restore a positive and optimistic state of mind
• Experience a feeling of satisfaction and contentment with yourself

As your partner in reaching your peak wellness, your wellness & lifestyle coach will listen to you attentively, without judgment or her own agenda and inspire and challenge you to go beyond what you would do alone. You will build confidence, draw a personal wellness blueprint, set realistic goals, and harness the strengths you need to overcome your obstacles and build a support team. As wellness & lifestyle coaches, Barbara and Kelsey are nutrition specialists and experts in the areas of weight loss, stress-reduction, chronic disease management and prevention. They are committed to improving your wellness and will design a personalized nutritional and lifestyle system based on your individual needs. Sessions are confidential and may be conducted by telephone or in person.

Lectures & Food Demonstrations
In addition to personalized Wellness & Lifestyle Coaching, PEAC’s wellness team provides other programs and demonstrations such as:

• Real Food for Real Life
• Sugar Detox
• Creating and Maintaining Life Balance
• How to Get Your Skinny Back

Cancellation Policy
A $20 fee will be charged for any cancelled appointment without 24-hour advanced notice.

Contact Information
For more information please contact Christine Salmon via email or call PEAC Health & Fitness at 609-883-2000.