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Our Group Exercise Program is happy to provide a wide variety of classes and encourages you to work at your own pace! All classes are 55 minutes unless otherwise stated.

Tone, Strength & Condition Classes

  • BOXING CIRCUIT: This class uses the basics of boxing through the use of bags, gloves, ropes, balls and more for a great workout packed with a punch.
  • CORE WORX: This 30 minute express class works all core! It’s a great combination before or after spin.
  • FY CARDIO INTERVAL: This 30 minute easy to follow class will work the most important muscle – your heart! Burn calories while you gain strength.
  • FY HAVE A BALL: A 30 minutes class using a ball and mat to improve balance, posture and alignment while building core strength.
  • PEAC PUMP: PEAC Pump uses a 3-pound barbell with interchangeable weight plates, you will perform high repetitions of exercises to target all the major muscle groups.(This class is also offered as a 30 minute Express class).
  • TBC: Total Body Conditioning. Get a challenging strength-training workout in a group setting. Use of bands, hand weights, and exercise balls, assist in raising your motivation and peaking your interest. This class focuses on all major muscle groups for a Total Body Workout!