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PEAC continues to build its reputation with the goal to provide professional service and quality programs in a first class facility. Guided by our mission we continue developing relationships to assist members in reaching their fitness goals. We are not just about selling memberships, our goal is to establish relationships.

Share Your Success

Click here for the success stories of Brian Hersh, Carol Thomas and Dean Solomos.

We love to hear about member success stories. If you have a story about how PEAC has helped you to achieve a goal, accomplish new things, or become healthier, please share it with us so that we may pass your encouraging story along to others. success_story@peachealthfitness.com

“When I told my 7 year old son that I had signed him up for tennis at PEAC again, he jumped up and down and exclaimed “yay, yay, yay!”  He has been taking tennis lessons with Monika for four years and is still excited to play.”- BD

“Many, many thanks for the friendship, classes, great teachers, and all the accessories you have at my disposal. This is the first place I’ve come to and truly enjoyed workout out. So far, I’ve lost 20lbs and am trying to lose 40 more. Thanks for everything.”- C.U.

“When I joined PEAC, I was 46 years old, overweight, out of shape and felt like I was 80. I started out just walking the track and using some equipment. I wanted to do the group classes, but was intimidated and embarrassed by my fitness level. I always heard the great music coming out of the dance classes and wanted so badly to give them a try. I gave in to my intimidation and have been hooked ever since. I just love to dance and this was a way for me to get some cardio in doing something I love. Since joining PEAC, I have been diagnosed with Breast Cancer twice: once in 2008, and again in 2010. The dance classes at PEAC really helped to keep my spirits up while going through treatment. All of the instructors at PEAC are so helpful and understanding. Always willing to give of themselves to help others.” –CC

“PEAC has some of the finest trainers around who are knowledgeable, caring, and compassionate. They all know how to teach various workouts in a modified manner if someone has an injury or an issue and they most importantly keep you safe! I think there may be members who might be hesitant of using a trainer because they think it will be too hard. A good trainer assesses your overall health and works within individual limitations. I would recommend the PEAC trainers to anyone!” –RC

“On the way to work this morning I was reflecting on my PEAC Performance journey. It is difficult to describe fluently. But I will give it a try. I was impressed about Evan’s immediate return phone call when I expressed an interest. “This guy means business,” I thought. He asked about my health concerns and goals. When he performed my evaluation, I remember thinking, does this man realize I’m 55, have back pain, a grown child and I exercise at my leisure?! As they say, “the rest is history.” I am physically stronger. (Have) less flab and fat. I had no idea I was capable of performing all the exercises Evan invented! My exercise confidence, if such a thing exists, does exist. I enjoy coming to the club on a regular basis. My workouts are workouts, not half hearted. I have developed a, “no quit, I can do it, attitude,” at the gym, home and work. My personal and professional confidence and self esteem have risen and continue to rise. The release of endorphins has enabled me to climb the peaks and valleys that exist in life, less stressed. My lower back is a lot less painful. I have never felt better, physically or mentally.” –JR

“This is my first anniversary as a member of PEAC. During the first year, I have lost 55 pounds and went from 25% to 13% body fat and dramatically increased my aerobic fitness. When I needed a place to exercise, fortunately I found PEAC. Everything about this club is great – especially the staff.” –DS

“I’ve had lower back problems for the past twenty years. After completing physical therapy once again, I joined PEAC to help me continue to work on my flexibility and strength. The yoga classes and the terrific coaching provided in the weight loss program have not only kept my back problems in check, but my blood sugar level is down, bad cholesterol is down, good cholesterol is up and my weight has returned to numbers I haven’t seen in 10 years. After years of gradually moving in the wrong direction, the trend is reversed, my overall health is greatly improved, and my back is better. Thank you Terri, Kathee and Lucie!” – KD

“Ms. Monika, Tennis Professional at PEAC has brought my family a positive learning experience. She has the ability to help not just my son, however conversely all of her students become more effective tennis players; using their brains, setting smart goals, communicating, and demonstrating practical solutions to most common mistakes tennis players make. Her in-depth understanding of Tennis has taught my son the fundamental skills toward advanced tactics in tennis and how to approach different strategies. She is consistently positive–yet firm, making sure the results allow the students to improve faster. GETTING THE GAME ON of tennis effectively and seeing as a parent, their child’s smile of confidence is a WINNER in my court!” –NS

“I’ve been a member of PEAC almost from the beginning. I’ve always found it to be a positive and energizing place to “get the job done.” PEAC offers a good mix of classes and teachers, with morning and evening options to accommodate most schedules. I am not a gym “rat.” To be honest, I’d love to be able to stay in shape without working out–but given that is a pipe dream, I can’t imagine a more agreeable atmosphere. What motivates me? The way I feel when I work out consistently; that I can keep up with the others in class who are years younger than me; and that I far surpass most of my age-group in terms of health, stamina and joie de vivre. PEAC plays a major part in all these good things! It would be a very difficult adjustment for me if I became sick or injured and could no longer work out. Keep up the great work!”-RC

“I am a physical therapist so I feel qualified to comment on a critical level. The Forever Young Senior Program is the best buy in town for providing a comprehensive program of strengthening, balance, and mobility. Just the thing for fall prevention and keeping active and functional as we age. An extra bonus is the socialization you provide and the caring and helpful staff.” –SL

“When I picked up my son (from KidsKamp) he was smiling and happy. He even told us about the healthy snack options offered at your Camp. The staff is enthusiastic, they treat children well and maintain control of the group. Great job!”- BK

“I have a 4 and a half year old daughter. I wanted to take the time to say that she has really enjoyed playing Red light, green light 123, and the parachute activities. When she remembers something enough to recount it to us at dinner time, we know she really enjoyed herself.”- MH

From the PEAC Health & Fitness Weight-Loss Challenge Program “I Lost it at PEAC”
“The encouragement from my teammates and coach was the best part of this program!”
“I haven’t gained back the weight I lost!”
“This was a great program! It kept us coming into the Club to workout!”

“Leslie’s 8:30am ‘Pilates on the Ball’ is so wonderful. She is extremely knowledgeable about the human body and seems to know the moves that my body is craving. It was really fun and usually I don’t equate Pilates with fun. The music was great and most importantly I feel that my time is not wasted- that this class will make a difference in my body if I’m consistent”- ST