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Press Releases

PEAC Turf promotes youth fitness and physical activity
June 2015

Ewing, New Jersey (June 2015). PEAC Turf partners with area schools to promote physical activity and fitness in youth.

The US Department of Health and Human Services recommends that children participate in at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day to achieve numerous health benefits including increasing muscle and bone density, maintaining a health body weight, improving academic performance, achieving an overall sense of well being, and decreasing the risk of obesity and chronic illness.

Unfortunately, studies by the CDC show that most youth are not getting the recommended level of daily activity and as children and youth age the percentage participating in regular physical activity decreases further.

Many look to the school system to provide for the health and physical activity needs of our children, but schools face challenges in allocating time and providing for physical education and physical activity during the school week.

The Center for Disease Control recommends schools address this problem through a multi-component approach and encourages creating connections between school and community based physical activity opportunities.

In answer to this call for support, PEAC Turf visited three local schools participating in field day and wellness events at Stony Brook Elementary in Hopewell and Lore and Antheil Elementary Schools in Ewing in the month of June.

“It’s a perfect partnership,” says PEAC Turf Director, Kara Forsythe. “We are a community focused organization so we were pleased to be invited into the schools to bring the message to the kids that they can feel comfortable, feel good about themselves, and have fun while at the same time do something healthy for themselves.”

For more information contact Becky DiPierro by email, or by phone at 609-883-2000. PEAC is located at 1440 Lower Ferry Road, Ewing, NJ.

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