PEAC Tennis

Group and private instruction available with PEAC’s tennis pro Monika Waniek.


Adult Beginner Level– This is an introductory program for men and women. Sessions will focus on technique, stroke production and tennis footwork. Intermediate Level (USTA 3.0-3.5) – We offer two options for Intermediate Players as you progress from the Beginner Level one hour and one and a half hour clinics that will train your technique and strategy.

Advanced Intermediate Level – (USTA 3.5) These one and half hour classes are designed for players who desire a great tennis workout while being challenged by more intense playing situations. Focus will be on improving grips, spin, control, depth and doubles strategy. 

Advanced Drill (USTA Level 4.0+)– Bring it on! These players have consistency, power, spin and depth. We will focus on taking our game to the next level—including strategy, mental toughness and conditioning.

Cardio Tennis for Adults– Monika incorporates fast-paced tennis drills with intervals of cardio stations. This program provides a great workout and focuses on footwork and on-court tennis drills. (Some tennis experience required, with PEAC members having first priority.)


Beginner Clinic – For ages 6-9. This program will be a four-week clinic that focuses on basic techniques, movement and will include fun, on-court games. Class sessions are one hour.

Beginner Drill & Play – For ages 10-14. The focus for this program is on technique, singles/doubles strategy, scoring and games that incorporate drills to improve your skills.

Intermediate Drill & Play – For ages 10-14. This program is designed for players who are just starting to play USTA level tournaments and aspire to play at a more competitive level of tennis. Class sessions are one hour.


Tennis Program Director Private Lesson Rates

Private: $65 1-hr.
Semi-private: $80 1 hr


Private: $70 1-hr.
Semi-private: $85 1-hr.


Courts are available to PEAC Members for 1 hour and 1 1/2 hour time periods by making reservations through the Service Desk up to six days in advance. The fee for court time is $10 per hour and cancellations with less than a 48-hour advance notice shall be subject to a $10 cancellation fee.


Seasonal Tennis Courts are available to PEAC members, giving them the opportunity to have contract court time on a weekly basis. Seasonal courts are offered for the months of October through May for 30 weeks.

$300 for 1 hour court
$450 for 1 1/2 hour court

Non-member guests coming in to play on a contracted court will be required to purchase a Guest Pass each visit or purchase a trial membership.  Contract courts are pro-rated after October 1st. Contact Christine Salmon by email for information regarding contract court time.


If you cannot keep your private lesson appointment, a 24-hour notice is required in order to avoid being charged a cancellation fee. All no-show appointments will be charged the cancellation fee of $20.

Only PEAC professionals are permitted to provide instruction on club courts