PEACycling is under direct supervision of Chris Draper RD, LDN, CSCS/Studio Director and a qualified coaching staff.

What is PEACycling?
The goal of the sessions is to maintain or increase your cycling specific fitness through indoor cycling. PEACycling involves a rider bringing his/her own bicycle and placing it in a computerized unit called a Computrainer, which provides an indoor simulated experience of outdoor riding.  Once the bike is fixed on the unit, a simulated real life course is displayed on a large flat screen television.

At the start of each class, the instructor will review the daily ride, which is provided on a whiteboard.  This workout allows a rider to stay focused throughout their ride as the course provides various terrain changes. It is up to the rider to decide the degree of difficulty they will apply to the designated course/workout.

Cyclists are educated and guided on proper shifting, cadence, strengths and weaknesses, when to push and ease off, and how to adapt position changes based upon the terrain changes.

Who Is Riding
We have riders who are beginners looking to learn how to operate their bike, get into better shape through something new, and some are looking to lose weight.  Many of our riders are experienced looking to train indoors, ride with a group, or receive extra feedback and motivation from an experienced cyclist. PEACycling participants consist of parents, teens, professionals, young adults, athletes, and more.

PEACycling Successes
PEACyclists’ accomplishments include weight loss (some in excess of 50 pounds), fun rides to century rides, triathlons, Sprint to Ultra distance, and great friendships with like-minded individuals.

Class Schedules & Rates – 6 Week sessions run year round
Mondays & Wednesdays

Member                        $275
Non-Member               $295

Tuesdays & Thursdays

Member                        $275
Non-Member               $295


Member                        $300
Non-Member               $325

Space is limited and subject to availability. One complimentary trial class is offered per person. Participants need to bring their bike, towel, water bottle, and a heart rate monitor.

Contact Information:

For more information about PEACycling, contact Chris Draper via email or call 609-883-2000.