I Lost It At PEAC

“I Lost It at PEAC” is an 8-week weight loss program based on motivation, support and encouragement. Your team of 4 participants will develop a “Teammate” relationship. Each team will be assigned a “Coach” who will continuously provide motivation, encouragement, nutritional and exercise guidance, communication, instruction and education throughout the program. Although weight loss and better health is a reward in itself, as added motivation, we have included a challenge with rewards for those teams and individuals demonstrating top results at the end of the program.

Prior to the commencement of the program, Coaches shall contact participants to make introductions, review the program, and coordinate a team meeting to perform the initial weigh-in. This typically occurs one week prior to the start of the program. Participants shall be contacted by their Coach on a weekly basis to discuss prior and planned workout schedules, healthy eating choices, nutritional guidance and offer advice or assistance. Coaches shall schedule weekly meetings at PEAC as a team to educate participants about weight loss tips and to perform a weekly weigh-in to monitor progress. After the final weigh-ins, each participant in the top three teams having the greatest percentage of weight loss will receive: 

1st Place              $100*
2nd Place               $50*
3rd Place                $25*

* Must be used towards the purchase of any apparel, service (personal training, massage or tennis lesson) or membership fee within PEAC.
INDIVIDUAL (Male & Female Winners)
1st Place              $100**
2nd Place               $50**
3rd Place                $25**

** Must be used towards the purchase of any apparel, service (personal training, massage or tennis lesson) or membership fee within PEAC.
Participants can register at the service desk and can register as a four person team or individually and be assigned to a team. Participants will be required to complete a registration form and provide payment at the time of registration.

Registration must be done in person at PEAC.
The fee for the program is $99 for PEAC members and $199 for non-members, which also includes full access to the facility for the duration of the program session.

PEAC makes no representation for the amount of weight loss experienced by participants and individual weight loss may vary due to contributing circumstances.

Will I receive personal training if I sign up for I Lost it at PEAC?
This program does not include personal training, your weight loss coach will provide motivation, support, education and encouragement to assist you in reaching your goals. There will be workouts scheduled during the eight weeks that are open to ILIAP participants only. If you are interested in small group or personal training, please inquire at the Service Desk and one of our associates will let you know about these options.

I was so busy this week and forgot to weigh-in, what happens now?
This first time you do not weigh-in by Sunday at 5pm, you will be assessed a one pound penalty for the week. A participant who does not weigh-in two weeks in a row will be terminated from the program with no refund or credit.

I can’t make it to my team’s scheduled meeting time, can I have my weight recorded by someone other than my coach?
An associate at the Service Desk would be happy to assist you with a weigh-in.

I signed up for ILIAP on the first day, but my schedule has changed and I do not think I can participate anymore, can I get a refund?
A refund or credit can be issued as long as we are notified of such request at least one day prior to the commencement of the program. If a participant withdraws during the first week of the program, they may receive a 50% refund or credit. If a participant withdraws after the first week, no refund or credit shall be issued.

I only want a specific coach, can I request that I be put on their team only?
Requests for coaches can not be guaranteed. Team placements are determined by a variety of factors.

Can I sign-up over the phone?
This program is an eight week commitment and as such, we request all participants sign-up in person at the Service Desk. It is important to have you fill out the registration form yourself so that all information is accurate when we create the teams.

When can I expect to hear from my coach for the first time?
Your coach will contact you during the week prior to the beginning of the program to set-up your initial meeting and weigh-in.

My team can’t all meet until the 3rd day of the program, can I come weigh-in on the first day so I have the maximum time available to lose weight?
Yes, an associate at the Service Desk can assist you.

I thought all teams would be made up of 4 people, but my team has 5 people on it, won’t this hurt our chances of winning?
We strive to have teams of 4, but will occasionally have a team of 3 or 5 depending on the number of participants that sign-up or last minute changes. Weight loss is calculated as the percentage lost so your chances of winning remain the same.