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Our Group Exercise Program is happy to provide a wide variety of classes and encourages you to work at your own pace! All classes are 55 minutes unless otherwise stated.

Group Classes – FAQ’s

Q. Is there any additional fee for group exercise classes?
A. No. Group exercise classes including PEAC Spin, PEAC Pump, Yoga, Pilates, Aerobics, Tai Boxing, Stretching, etc. are all-inclusive with your membership. However, PEAC does arrange specialty classes, workshops, seminars, certification and clinics which may have an associated fee.

Q. How many days per week do you offer classes?
A. PEAC Health & Fitness offers classes seven days a week. There are typically over 80 classes that begin as early as 5:30am and are offered throughout the day, ending at 8:30pm. We also offer a full range of classes on Saturday and Sunday mornings and Holidays. For a class schedule, click here.

Q. Can I invite a guest to join me in a class?
A. Yes. Members can bring a guest at any time and there is a guest fee that can be paid at the service desk. 

Q. I have never participated in a group exercise class before. Will I be able to keep up?
A. Yes. In most of our classes, we offer Starter, Beginner & Intermediate classes to help introduce you to a new class and to make you feel comfortable. In addition, we offer 15-minute introductions for PEAC Spin or PEAC Pump for safety and to familiarize our members with equipment. We suggest you let the instructor know it is your first time in class and he/she will make sure you are comfortable. 

Q. Do I need to bring any additional equipment to any of the classes.

A. No. PEAC Health & Fitness supplies everything you will need including mats for Yoga & Pilates, weights, steps, bands, stability balls, etc. You may want to bring a towel or water and many members do bring their own yoga mat.

Q. Are your instructors certified?
A. Yes. All PEAC Instructors have Group Exercise Certifications in their specialties.

Q. How long are the classes?
A. Typically, all classes are 60 minutes with the exception of some of the spinning classes and beginner classes that may be 30-50 minutes.

Q. What do I need to wear?
A. Safety is always our first concern, but whatever makes you the most comfortable. We find members in tee shirts to sport bras and from shorts to their favorite baggy sweatpants. Proper footwear is a must, but they are typically removed in Yoga and Pilates.

Q. Do I need to sign in for a class?
A. The only time you need to sign in for a class is when there may be limited apparatus such as with PEAC Spin and PEAC Pump. This is to ensure that we do not have more riders than bikes or weight bars.

Q. Can I bring my cell phone to class?
A. No. A cell phone ring is a dramatic interruption in the flow or motivation of a class.

Q. What time should I show up for a class?
It is always good to show up to the studio 5 minutes before the scheduled time. This will allow you to meet some of the members and possibly the instructor. Late arrivals to a class already in progress could interrupt the flow.