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Mission Statement
PEAC continues to build its reputation with the goal to provide professional service and quality programs in a first class facility. Guided by our mission we continue developing relationships to assist members in reaching their fitness goals. We are not just about selling memberships, our goal is to establish relationships.

Membership FAQ’s

Q. Do I have to make a long-term commitment when I join?
A. No. PEAC offers memberships on a month-to-month basis with no obligation to long-term commitment.

Q. In addition to individual memberships, do you also offer couple or family memberships?
A. Yes. A spouse or immediate family member under 18 living in the same household can join at a reduced monthly rate as a couple membership. We also offer family memberships for any additional immediate family member under 18.

Q. What is PEAC’s policy regarding guests?
A. PEAC is a member supported club. Any member is entitled to invite a guest to the club. Guests are required to complete a registration form, present a photo I.D., and pay a guest fee, which entitles them to usage of the club for the day. Guests must be accompanied by a PEAC member.

Q. Are there any additional fees for classes?
A. No. Your monthly membership dues include group exercise classes such as Step, PEAC Spin, Yoga, Pilates, Tai Boxing, Aerobics and much more as well as the use of racquetball and squash courts and use of the basketball court and track area. However, we do frequently arrange Master Classes and Workshops that may require an additional charge.

Q. If i am going away for an extended period of time, can I freeze my membership?

A. Yes. You can freeze your membership by coming into the Club before the 15th of the month prior to your vacation to activate a freeze on a month-to-month basis starting on the first day of a preceding month. When freezing, your monthly rate will be reduced to $10.00 per member, per month. Should the freeze be for a medical reason with a doctor’s note of confirmation, there is no fee for the freeze period. Your membership will be automatically re-activated upon completion of the freeze period or if you decide to return prior to the scheduled activation date, an adjustment can be made to place you back on the billing cycle.

Q. When are monthly dues charged to my credit card or deducted from my checking account?
A. Monthly dues are charged in advance to your credit card or checking account on the first of each month. We accept Master Card and Visa.

Q. What happens when I close my bank account or my credit card is cancelled or expire?
A. Bring in a voided check for your new account or your new credit card to the service desk staff at least 15 days before the first of the month and they will assist you in completing the required forms.

Q. How do I make changes to my membership information (e.g. address, phone number, new credit card #, etc?
A. Just stop by the service desk and a PEAC staff member will assist you in filling out a Change of Status form with any changes in your membership. It is important to keep your membership information up to date and accurate.

Q. What is PEAC’s policy regarding cancellation of membership?
A. As long as you have fulfilled any initial membership commitments, a membership can be terminated at any time by giving a minimum of thirty (30) day advance written notice prior to the first day of any month. This can be done by certified mail or at the Service Desk in person. We cannot accept termination notices by fax or email.