Ewing, New Jersey (January 4, 2016) PEAC Health & Fitness’s Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer Christopher Draper placed 11th in the 32nd Annual Ultraman World Championships, held over Thanksgiving weekend in Hawaii.

The Ultraman covers a total of 320 miles, including a 6.2 mile swim, 261.4 miles of cycling and a 52.4 mile run.  The course follows the perimeter of the big island of Hawaii, starting and ending near Kailua Bay on the island’s western shore.

This was the fifth time Draper competed in the invitational event, which includes athletes from around the world.  Draper’s combined three-day time of 25 hours, 57 minutes was a personal best overall time.

Day One included an open-ocean swim and a 90 mile bike ride, which entailed an 8,000-foot total elevation climb from sea level to the finish in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.  According to Draper, this year’s swim was his best ever performance where he put down a 3hr: 15minute time in some challenging conditions, such as large swells and currents. The cycling stage conditions followed suit with 30+mph winds head and cross winds up the trek to Volcanoes National Park.  In spite of the elements, Draper finished Day One in 11th place overall.

Day Two presented a 171.4 mile bike ride with more than 8,000 feet of elevation change with torrential downpours at the start/finish of the day including 50+ mph winds going over the Kohola Mtn Pass at mile 150.  Despite the conditions, Draper finished Day Two in a time of 8hr: 25minutes for a 9th place finish overall.  His many months of preparation contributed to his success in the cycling stages of the event.   “I have felt great and have found great form during my cycling this season,” states Draper.  “I have to credit PEACycling for a major part of that conditioning. It allowed me to train no matter what the weather.”  PEACycling is an indoor Computrainer cycling training studio that Draper directs at PEAC Health & Fitness.

The final day of the Ultraman demanded a 52.4 mile run, which Draper finished in 8 hours, 9 minutes.  “The run this year became more mentally taxing than expected,” Draper states.  He finished the run in 10th position, which secured his 11th position overall in a field of 36 starting competitors.

“Stage racing is all about finding the inner drive to keep pushing through your boundaries.  It is amazing what one can do if the mind is willing,” says Draper.  “It’s important that I practice what I preach so my clients can also be motivated to challenge themselves.”  Through his racing Draper raised money for Susan G. Komen for a Cure so he can support those affected by cancer.

For more information about Ultraman World Championships, visit  www.ultramanlive.com.

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